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14th Jun 2019


You probably know someone who has had cosmetic treatments. You may have even had them yourself. In 2019, the popular age-positive dermal filler and anti-wrinkle treatments are readily available. These are non-surgical procedures with minimal downtime. With that in mind, it’s helpful to be armed with all the relevant information pre-appointment. Read on for some things you should know.

Seek out your aesthetic practitioner

Every face is unique, and for this reason your journey and treatment plan may be very different to your friend/mother/sister/BFF. The first step is selecting a reputable aesthetics practitioner whose advice you trust. Consider factors such as the experience of the aesthetics practitioner, cost and the aftercare on offer post-treatment. Also know that simply booking a consultation doesn’t necessarily mean you’re locked in for the treatment: book as many consultations as you please until you feel comfortable going ahead with the procedure. For further information, take a look at www.myfacemyallergan.com.au

Manage your expectations

To achieve the best outcome (read: the results you want) when it comes to dermal fillers and injectables the way they’re administered should be individual to your face. For this reason, during your first appointment your aesthetics practitioner may ask a long list of questions, evaluate the unique contours of your face, and even take photographs that you can review together to ensure your visions are aligned. In short, you want to get to a point – pre-procedure – where you and your aesthetics practitioner share a common goal for the treatment at hand.

Know your ingredients

Different cosmetic treatments have different ingredients, so knowing what you might eventually have injected is important. Put simply, dermal fillers aim to mimic the naturally-occurring sugar molecules which are responsible for attracting and retaining water (read: plumpness, firmness and elasticity) in the skin, which diminish as we age. Anti-wrinkle injections, however, relax the muscles that cause fine lines and deep furrows in the upper face and eye area. They vary in brand, so do your research and discuss with your aesthetics practitioner to find a brand you trust.

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