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6th title in row for Belchatow

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PGE Skra Belchatow won sixth title of Polish champions in row after beating Jasrzebski Wegiel in final duel with result 3:1.  Asseco Resovia gained a bronze medal after winning with ZAKSA Kedzierzyn Kozle 3:2.



FINAL – Skra Belchatow vs Jastrzebski Wegiel 3:2  (388:376)
Particular matches:
Skra Belchatow  vs  Jastrzebski Wegiel    2:3   (18:25, 16:25, 25:20, 28:26, 12:15) 
Skra Belchatow  vs  Jastrzebski Wegiel    3:1   (25:22, 19:25, 25:18, 27:25) 
Jastrzebski Wegiel  vs  Skra Belchatow    0:3   (22:25, 22:25, 25:27) 
Jastrzebski Wegiel vs    Skra Belchatow      2:3   (18:25, 30:28, 25:23, 21:25, 11:15)

The first match was very exciting. The beginning seemed as if hosts didn’t get over after the failure in the Champions League. Jastrzebie easily won two first sets and it looked like the match would end in three sets. However hosts didn’t let it come true and in the third set they got themselves together. As a result Skra led up to tie-break.
At the beginning of 5th set Skra was winning 8:5 but everything changed when Pavel Abramov turned up on the serve. Due to his services team from Jastrzebie won at last with result 15:12.  For his good attitude in the entire match, especially for staying calm in tiebreak, Abramov Pavel received the MVP award.
Unfortunately for Jastrzebie it was their first and the last won match against Skra in the fight for gold. In two next matches Skra didn’t give up and showed their stuff. In both meetings the MVP title fell to Mariusz Wlazly’s hands.
The fourth and last match also ended in the tiebreak, however it looked totally different than the first duel. This match was extremely level-pegging and very hard-fought. It vas hard to predict who will win. The second set of this meeting was the most excited because it ended with result 30:28 with the victory of Jastrzebie.
In the third set in the team from Jastrzebie, a coach Roberto Santilli did the  very good substitution. In the team of hosts, on the court instead of Igor Yudin appeared Pedro Azenha who blocked four attacks of players from Belchatow in the row. Skra  dropped behind and lost set  23: 25.
Two next sets everything went Belchatow’s way , the last set of the match was finished by Michal Winiarski who was chosen MVP of this game.
Thereby PGE Skra Belchatow won the third final match and  got the title of Polish champion at season 2009/2010!
As many emotions as players provided to fans referees did too, especially in the second duel. Many experts, competitors as well as  fans complained about the lack of the challenge (hawk eye) system. However it doesn’t change the fact that Skra gained  title after long and hard fight.


Matches for bronze medal:  ZAKSA Kedzierzyn-Kozle  vs  Resovia Rzeszow  2:3  (421:406)
Particular matches:
ZAKSA Kedzierzyn-Kozle  vs  Resovia Rzeszow    3:0    (25:13, 25:18, 25:23)
MVP: Wojciech Kazmierczak
ZAKSA Kedzierzyn-Kozle  vs  Resovia Rzeszow    3:1    (19:25, 25:18, 25:17, 25:16) 
MVP: Jurij Gladyr
Resovia Rzeszow  vs  ZAKSA Kedzierzyn-Kozle    3:2    (25:27, 18:25, 27:25, 25:23, 15:10)
MVP: Ivan Ilic
Resovia Rzeszow  vs  ZAKSA Kedzierzyn-Kozle    3:1    (25:19, 25:21, 15:25, 25:17) 
MVP: Aleh Akhrem
ZAKSA Kedzierzyn-Kozle  vs  Resovia Rzeszow    0:3    (21:25, 15:25, 24:26) 
MVP: Mikko Oivanen

The fact that Resovia got out of the trouble in which  was after two lost matches can make impression not only on fans. After 22 years bronze medals again went to Rzeszow.
Resovia made the impossible thing in which hardly anyone believed after two first matches in Kedzierzyn. Resovia played there badly and ZAKSA easily achieved two victories.Rzeszow was in the difficult situation – in rivalry for a bronze medal was losing 0: 2. In the third match, in which they were hosts, their opponent – ZAKSA already led 2: 0 and 23:17 in the third set, so to get bronze they needed only two points. Then a  striking twist took place. Players from Rzeszow won this match, and then also a duel number four.
The fifth meeting looked precisely as predicted capitan of Resovia- Krzysztof Gierczynski. From the first ball it was the match of  his team. They dictated rules of that game and all the time they controlled the situation. The lost third match in Rzeszow probably all the time was in hosts’ minds who started with series of mistakes. Players from Rzeszow were in their element, almost everything what they did came out well, totally different than during  the last visit in Kedzierzyn. After all Resovia won in the duel for 3rd a place after five matches – 3: 2. In the last meeting they beated ZAKSA in three sets.

Who is staying, who is leaving?
In the next season we won’t see in PlusLiga AZS Politechnika Warszawska which lost duel in play out against Jadar Radom.
Instead of this team in PlusLiga will play Fart Kielce which was on the first place in I league.
Fight for playing in  PlusLiga in the next season between Jadar Radom and Trefl Gdansk was won by  volleyball players from Radom.

photo: plusliga.pl

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