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It was mentioned earlier that Ed Nordholm did an interview the Fight Network and discusseed, among other things, his take on the Hardys battling Anthem over the “Broken” characters. During the interview, Nordholm claimed that he is certain that the gimmick belongs to him, no one has reached out to him about proper ownership, and that WWE is not interested in retrieving the gimmick. This situation has been escalating for months now, and neither side is willing to let go of their ownership claim. Despite Nordholm’s statements, this story has taken another interesting turn.
PWInsider reported shortly after the interview came out that sources close to Impact Wrestling and the Hardys told them that the two sides were in the process of speaking to each other. The Hardys apparently hired a Nashville-based attorney back last month to set up meetings, but the wrestling company has not responded to their requests. No official lawsuit has been filed as of yet, but that certainly seems like where this could be headed. Unless something changes during the private talks between the two sides, this may finally reach a district court. This process would likely take a while before any kind of proper decision could be made.
The “Broken” Hardys were incredibly entertaining during their time in Impact Wrestling last year, and the end of their run was a disappointment that many fans still hope to have rectified in the future. Despite the news of the two sides speaking to each other, Nordholm’s comments and Reby constantly sounding off on Twitter whenever a new development in this story begins, probably doesn’t bode well for the outcome of those discussions. If this does go to court, and if the Hardys eventually win the case, who’s to say that the “Broken” gimmick will even be something that fans are still interested in seeing? Hopefully, another and more positive update will be provided soon.

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