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Arn Anderson reflected on the current situation with Coronavirus during his latest podcast, discussing the upcoming empty stadium shows.

Arn admitted that he is currently concerned and that he thinks everyone needs to pitch in now to help people out.

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He remarked, “I am like everyone else, concerned, probably going through some trials and tribulations and having to adjust our life with this Coronavirus. But I want to just start to show off by apologizing with all the cancellations and people that were expecting us to be signings and different places, and we’re not going to be able to be there, but we have to get behind the government and the plan that they have for all of us to fight this thing. And everyone’s going to have to pitch in and do our part, do everything we can. I’m sure we’re going to weather this, it’s just a question of being inconvenienced and just wanted to apologize to everybody and assure them we will make up any of these dates, if humanly possible, and get things back to entertain in the public and doing what we do well. And that’s just let everybody let loose and enjoy life.”

Arn then spoke about how AEW is handling the situation, admitting that they will be doing everything possible to entertain people.

“Well, number one, it’s the ongoing commitment by Tony Khan and the company to, you know, still provide entertainment for everybody to sit at home in front of a TV set,” said Arn. “That’s exactly what Tony Khan and commitment is. These guys are going to have to go out and do what they do and be creative and ad-lib. And we’re gonna have to figure out some way to make an empty arena rock and roll. There’s some pretty good minds there. I think we’ll be able to figure it out.”

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