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Batista Pulled Over By Fake Police Officer

February 6, 2021 | News | No Comments

Ohio’s Beacon Journal newspaper is reporting that WWE SmackDown superstar Batista was pulled over by a man who claimed to be an undercover police officer, but was not really a cop. Batista reported the incident after it happened on January 5th while traveling from a WWE event in Canton, Ohio. Apparently, the fake officer used a flashing red light on his vehicle to stop the former World Heavyweight Champion. Here is the full story from

Following a show in Canton on Jan. 5, WWE professional wrestler David Bautista had an encounter of a different kind.

Bautista told investigators that he was stopped on Interstate 77 by a man using a red flashing light on his vehicle and claiming to be an undercover officer.

Stark County sheriff’s deputies were dispatched after Bautista phoned them to report that he had driven away from the ”officer” after stopping north of 38th Street Northwest and being asked for his driver’s license.

He told investigators he became suspicious because the man didn’t have the usual police equipment, including a badge, the man’s vehicle didn’t look like a cruiser and the man was wearing camouflage pants.

Deputies, who talked with Bautista near the Everhard Road off ramp, said the suspect wasn’t found.

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