Cewshcast 5000: Ep. 57 – The ROHman Invasion

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Cewshcast 5000: Ep. 57 – The ROHman Invasion

December 14, 2020 | News | No Comments

Welcome, cats and kittens, to the podcast that is probably on fleek although we’re too afraid to ask, Cewshcast 5000! This week your intrepid hosts focused on Elimination Chamber and made their usual predictions in a vain attempt to wrest the prediction championship away from Psycho. What host actually called the Dean Ambrose title win before chickening out and saying Rollins? Which host was really, really, really super wrong about absolutely everything? They get into all of that, but that’s only one small slice of the show as they’ll also break down the huge news of ROH’s new tv deal with Destination America and what that means for TNA, the debut of Samoa Joe on NXT and what his utterly unique contract situation could mean for the entire industry, and whether there is any sort of chance for Zack Ryder to make a come back.

All that plus your questions answered on another installment of 3 Aint Enough Man, I Need 5 Questions. Download it on iTunes, listen to it here on Podomatic, or check us out on Stitcher. However you like to listen to dudes sitting around talking about wrestling, have a seat, grab some popcorn and enjoy.


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