Charlotte Flair Reveals Which Top Star She Wants to Face at WrestleMania, Dream ‘Last Match’

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WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair recently spoke with Uproxx to promote WrestleMania’s return to New Orleans next year, and below are some interview highlights:

Can you give me a non-Charlotte prediction or something on your WrestleMania wishlist, as a fan of the WWE?

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“Honestly, for a women’s singles match. I know that WrestleMania is a day that we try to get everyone involved because it is the biggest day of the year. It’s such a family event. But I would like a women’s singles match.”

Whether or not you’re in it?

“Competitively, I wanna be in it, I’m not gonna lie. I would be upset if I wasn’t. But at the same time, having a singles match for the women just goes to show how much WWE has invested in the women as a whole, and how important women’s wrestling is to kids and families. To send that message out there that women can do anything they want in a male-dominated world.”

Let’s say it’s you. Who is the dream opponent? We have a time machine, we’ve got some magic potions. Anyone; past, present, future. I also wanna know who on the current roster you would most like to face if we got one-on-one, last match, WrestleMania, New Orleans Super Dome.

“Last match? Maybe fatal four-way, Four Horsewomen, I think that’s the main event match. I don’t really have a dream singles, I just dream of main eventing. When I think of WrestleMania, you think of so many outside celebrities and athletes getting involved. Maybe a WrestleMania moment would be Queen versus Queen, me versus Stephanie McMahon. I see storylines that could lead into WrestleMania like that, but [choosing]one person is so hard.”

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