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Congress Wants Hearings For Steroids In Wrestling

February 9, 2021 | News | No Comments

Source: New York Daily News

The Chris Benoit situation was a senseless tragedy and has has affected countless people both in and out of the wrestling industry. The story has gained tremendous mainstream attention and its affect on the overall landscape of professional wrestling is not yet fully understood.

However – it is clear within World Wrestling Entertainment that a “worst case scenario” would be major involvement by the United States government into their subculture. It now appears the worst may become a reality.

Congressman Cliff Stearns, a republican from Florida, said 89 wrestlers had died before the age of 50 between 1985 and 2006, and he called on Congress to investigate.

“This abnormally high number of deaths of young, fit athletes should raise congressional alarms,” Stearns said. “Congress needs to investigate the recent events and find out how big of a problem steroid use is in professional wrestling. Steroid use is a major public health problem that deserves Congress’ full attention.”

Former pro wrestler , better known as Konnan, agrees with Cliff Stearns. “I welcome the congressman’s comments and I am definitely available to testify about the exploitation in wrestling. The wrestling life needs to be investigated. It’s a draconian work schedule. We’re on the road year-round. No other profession is that physical. At least touring rock bands get a few months to recuperate. Baseball players and football players get time off. But in wrestling, you can’t take time off to recuperate because you might wind up losing your job. If Congress thought baseball was bad, just wait until they look into wrestling. I hope they do it soon. People are dying.”

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