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8th Aug 2019

When Dakota Johnson walked the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of her new film, , keen-eyed fans noticed a slight change in her appearance.

Upon closer inspection, it looked as though the gap between her two front teeth had closed. 

When the missing tooth gap news made headlines, fans took to social media to mourn the loss of the actress’s former tooth gap.

While one Twitter user tweeted, “this is the saddest I’ve even been”, another wrote that they were “crushed and heartbroken over the loss”.

And while Johnson, who is still reportedly dating Coldplay’s Chris Martin, shouldn’t have to explain the reason behind the closure of the gap to anyone, the reaction it garnered meant that when she appeared on  last night, Fallon questioned her about its disappearance.

The star, who looked flawless in a black and pink tulle dress from Alexandre Vauthier’s most recent autumn/winter haute couture collection, explained to the talk show host that the closure of the gap wasn’t exactly intentional. In fact, it came about as a result of the removal of her retainer. 

“I was having a lot of neck problems recently, so my orthodontist, she decided that it would be a good idea to take it off and see if my jaw expanded,” said Johnson. “It helped me, and my gap closed by itself.” 

“As you grow as a human being, your skull expands and your jaw and your teeth move,” she continued. “Your teeth don’t look like they did when you were a baby.”

Johnson, who evidently loved the gap as much as her fans did considering she appeared in a  video poking fun at just how much she could fit between her two front teeth, shared that she too is “sad” about its closure. “So I’d really appreciate some privacy in this time,” she added.

While the actress confirmed that the removal of her retainer has helped alleviate some of the pain in her neck, she shared that now, she has to “deal with a whole new world of problems, getting food stuck in my tooth. Because before it would just slide right through.”

Going on to admit that the recent headlines are “really stressing me out,” Johnson raised an extremely valid point when she questioned the newsworthiness of her orthodontic work. “The fact that this is a newsworthy event in our world right now is pretty sh-Chaka Khan to me,” she told Fallon.

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