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Here are some highlights of what Daniel Bryan said to Slam Wrestling during a recent interview:

His Cattle Mutilation Submission Hold:

“I didn’t really believe the Cattle Mutilation would get over with the WWE Universe, and the reason why is because it’s such a TV-oriented product. There are a lot of downfalls to it. (In the Cattle Mutilation) you can’t see the other guy’s face, and on top of that, it’s very difficult to do it to big guys; I don’t have long arms. For example Ezekiel Jackson — he’s an enormous guy — there’s no way I’d be able to hook my arms through his arms like that. It was more me — no one mentioned anything to me about it. I’ll occasionally throw the Cattle Mutilation out there in places where I think there’s more of the independent fanbase, just as a tribute to them because they’re the people who got me to where I am today.”

Who He Wants To Feud With:

“CM Punk moved over to the Raw brand, so I’m actually hoping that me and him get to feud a little bit. We got to wrestle in the independents and we had some really good matches and I think the WWE Universe would be really excited about it.”

“I’d love to wrestle Tyson Kidd. We tag teamed in New Japan Pro Wrestling back in 2003 and I think we even did a singles match in Budokan Hall in Japan.” ?

His 2003 Match Against John Cena On Velocity:

“It hasn’t been brought up between the two of us, I haven’t seen it in years. The match was almost scrapped. That was the night he was going to come out in an interview and do something with Brock Lesnar. He was doing this major, main event thing, so they (WWE’s bookers) were saying, ‘We don’t want him in this Velocity match with an independent guy.’ I thought it was a good match and it gets me excited because I know we both progressed in our careers and if we ever got to wrestle again it would be really good.”

* VIDEO: Watch DANIEL BRYAN vs. JOHN CENA from 2003 (Direct Link)

(Credit to Slam.Canoe.Ca for these quotes)

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