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Spanish fashion label Desigual is celebrating its 10th anniversary collaborating with French designer Christian Lacroix with a new collection.

The collaboration between the two began after the acclaimed French designer saw a Desigual coat on the streets of Paris, he initially believed the design came from someone who was part of his own design team. A few months later, he joined the brand as a designer, and now, in 2021, the two are celebrating a decade of collaboration.

For spring/summer 2021, the Spanish brand is launching a celebratory collection dubbed ‘Desigual x Monsieur Christian Lacroix Forever: 10 Years Together’.

The collection takes inspiration from the Mediterranean and the Far East, which are fused in a variety of illustrations, feminine patterns and prints based on nature featuring birds and flowers with a romantic touch. Featuring violet, purple and lavender tones, the collection draws from the colours inspired by Lacroix’s home in Arles.

Desigual adds that this is a collection featuring dresses and jumpsuits is “undoubtedly an ode to Provence” where the tulle comes to the forefront due to its delicateness.

Thomas Meyer, Desigual founder, said in a statement: “We had a great respect for one another from the very beginning, and this has blossomed into a professional collaboration and a friendship. Ten years… twenty seasons. He comes to us once a month, more or less, or sometimes we go to him. And this doesn’t seem like it’s going to end anytime soon. At least for Desigual, Lacroix’s fashion will always endure.”

Images: courtesy of Desigual

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