Dixie Carter Talks About Big Egos In TNA, Not Leading By Fear

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TNA President Dixie Carter was interviewed for the latest issue of the UK’s Fighting Spirit Magazine. Carter spoke at length about Hulk Hogan’s new role in TNA, where she sees the company going and more. Here’s what she said about:

Dealing with Big Egos In TNA: “To me, it’s not hard at all I feel if you treat somebody with respect, that’s the only way you can win it back. If you work hard, that’s the way to expect other people to work hard. I don’t have tiered systems of how I treat different people, I treat everyone as the same. don’t care if you’re Kurt Angle or the newest guy on the roster, you’re gonna be treated with the same level of respect, and I expect that back. To me, that’s the easiest way to keep individual egos in check, because I’m not playing a game with different people or favouritism.”

Her Leadership Style vs. Vince McMahon’s: “I have a philosophy and it may not be right, but I feel that if people are happy personally, they’ll work harder for you than if you motivate them through fear. I want to make TNA a place where they bring their families, where their wives are welcome, where their husbands are welcome, where their children are. It creates a different type of atmosphere backstage, but it creates a place where we are all in this for the same goal.”

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