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Dustin Rhodes recently spoke with the New York Post where he talked about what Luke Harper and Matt Hardy could potentially bring to AEW.

Both men have been strongly linked with joining AEW in the future, with Harper (Brodie Lee) already released from WWE, and Matt Hardy coming to the end of his current contract. Dustin believes both men would bring creativity to the company, and he spoke about his time working with Harper during his Wyatt Family run.

“I think they’d bring creativity,” Dustin told the New York Post. “Harper, man, is incredible. I’ve worked with him many times with the Wyatt Family, me and Cody did, and he knows his stuff and he’s not a greenhorn in the business. He can help people. He can take them to new highs and he can get them there and at the same time get himself over in a company that will allow him to do so.”

In terms of Matt Hardy, Dustin seemed to have a lot of positives to say about him, believing that he will bring ‘gold.’

“Matt Hardy, if he comes in here, my God, he’s been through so many different variations on YouTube and things like that with WWE. He’s so creative in all the things that he does that when we do it with him, it’s gonna touch gold.”

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