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Drivers aren’t the only ones in the F1 paddock who resort to some colorful language now and then, with Ziggo Sport’s Jack Plooij publicly disparaging Esteban Ocon at Spa last weekend.

The Dutch reporter was perhaps still reeling from Ocon’s on-track and off-track spat with Plooij’s countryman Max Verstappen at the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix, when the two drivers came to blows after Ocon had inadvertently tagged the Red Bull race leader onto a costly spin.

At Spa, Plooij was conducting an on-camera interview with Lando Norris, addressing the McLaren driver’s remarks about Ocon’s “dangerous” out lap antics in qualifying.

The Dutch referred to Ocon as “that French f***”, catching an embarrassed Norris off guard. Inevitably, Plooij’s degrading words were picked up on social media where the reporter was heavily – and justifiably – criticized for his disrespectful and unprofessional attitude.

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However on Monday, the Ziggo pundit owned up to his blunder, apologizing for his abuse, an admission which the gracious Mr. Ocon readily accepted!

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