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24th Jul 2019

When Tori Spelling who played Donna on iconic ‘90s teen soap Beverly Hills, 90210 accidentally let slip to Access Live earlier this month that a reboot of the popular show was “confirmed”, die-hard 90210 fans went into excitement overload. 

Because, while the hit show—which ran for 10 season from 1990 to 2000—did have a second life from 2008 until 2013 in the form of a show called 90210, it didn’t capture fans’ hearts and minds in the same compelling way the original show did. Also, a 90210 reboot really needed to have the original crew back in their famous neighbourhood so fans could see what’s next for Donna, David, Kelly, Steve, Brandon and the rest of the OG 90210 crew.

Fast forward to 2019 and we will get to see what life looks like decades later for our favourite crew from the world’s most famous postcode. Are Kelly and Brandon together? What’s new for Steve? Is David still DJing? What happened to the Peach Pit? Will Shannen Doherty, who played Brandon’s twin Brenda and famously got fired from the show, return? We need answers to these burning questions.

Here, we’ve pulled together everything we know so far about the Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot.

Is the Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot definitely happening?
Yes. Aside from Tori Spelling’s accidental confirmation to Access Live, The Hollywood Reporter (THR) also confirmed the news, reporting the Fox network has “handed out a straight-to-series order for 90210”.

Who’s confirmed for the cast?
Initially, six original cast members were confirmed for the reboot per THR including: Jason Priestley (Brandon Walsh), Jennie Garth (Kelly Taylor), Ian Ziering (Steve Sanders), Gabrielle Carteris (Andrea Zuckerman), Brian Austin Green (David Silver) and Tori Spelling (Donna Martin). While we were unsure whether Shannen Doherty, who played Brenda Walsh, Brandon’s twin sister, would be returning to the set of the reboot after she was famously fired from the original show, the actress confirmed via Instagram that thankfully, she will be–and in more ways than just one.

Per Teen Vogue, Doherty is also set to executive produce the series. Heartbreakingly, there is no doubt we’re all going to miss 90210’s resident bad boy Dylan McKay, following Luke Perry’s passing in March 2019. While the actor was yet to sign onto the project before his death, Teen Vogue is reporting that in one way or another, the reboot is expected to pay tribute to Perry. 

What is the premise of the reboot?
Per The Hollywood Reporter the 90210 reboot will be a “twist” on the original show that will run for six-episodes as a “limited series”. The reboot was reportedly “inspired by the six original stars’ real lives and relationships.”

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The official description per THR is as follows: “Having gone their separate ways since the original series ended 19 years ago, Jason [Priestly], Jennie [Garth], Ian [Ziering], Gabrielle [Carteris], Brian [Austin Green] and Tori [Spelling] reunite when one of them suggest it’s time to get a Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot up and running. But getting it going may make for an even more delicious soap than the reboot itself. What will happen when first loves, old romances, friends and frenemies come back together, as this iconic cast… attempts to continue from where they left off?”

The stars took to their socials to share the news, posting a short teaser video about the reboot. Garth captioned her post with: ‘We’re coming home!”

A number of cast members have since taken to social media to share images from behind the scenes of the reboot’s production. Gabrielle Carteris, who plays Andrea Zuckerman on the hit series has posted countless photos to her profile, depicting everything from the new Peach Pit, to cast table reads. 

When will it be on TV?
Fox has finally released the official premier date for the Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot, which has been given the abbreviated title BH90210. As it’s set to air as soon as August 7, prepare to welcome the likes of Kelly and Brandon back to your screens in next to no time. The show’s first official trailer has also been revealed, so be sure to watch on as the cast reunite in the 30 second preview, below. 

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