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25th Jun 2019

Former US president and first lady, Barack and Michelle Obama, together with their daughters Malia and Sasha, stopped by George and Amal Clooney’s Lake Como residence for a quick visit over the weekend, while holidaying Europe.

During their stay, the family attended a charity dinner for The Clooney Foundation for Justice. According to multiple reports, it has since become apparent that their visit to the Clooney’s Villa Oleandra didn’t go as smoothly as we’re sure the power couple had hoped.

While the Clooneys are used to hosting the likes of Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s visit to the lake-front residence last August went off without a hitch, the Obamas were met with security, paparazzi, and even plumbing issues.

Given that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s stay at Lake Como was kept under wraps, they were able to enjoy their vacation without any interruption. As the Obama family’s visit was announced by the Mayor of Laglio in advance, it was not as under-the-radar as the duke and duchess’s stay. 

Although the announcement was made in order to enforce a 300-foot buffer zone around the Clooneys’ villa, and prohibit any press from getting too close to the residence, the advanced warning allowed paparazzi to get their shot. TMZ managed to secure images of Clooney and Obama walking along a dock, as well as other members of the family sitting down to dinner. 

According to The Daily Beast, just prior to the arrival of the Obamas, which reportedly involved seven armoured cars, police escorts and a helicopter, a local plumber was called to the villa after the A-list actor discovered his pool was ice-cold and half-empty.  

“What a race. I arrive and they are all upset. [Clooney’s bodyguard] Giovanni says to me: hurry up, hurry up!” the plumber, Dante Penne, told a local newspaper, per The Daily Beast. “Let me work, otherwise I won’t be able to fix it,” he reportedly told Clooney, before being granted a selfie following a job well done. 

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