Fists fly in Hong Kong parliament as debate over extradition law boils over

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Debate over a controversial extradition law turned violent in Hong Kong after wound-up legislators fought each other amid a crowd of reporters. At least one lawmaker received medical treatment as a result of the fracas.

The Saturday skirmish started after lawmakers in Hong Kong’s Legislative Council faced off over a series of laws that would allow suspects to be sent to mainland China to face trial.

Video of the incident shows rival lawmakers pushing, shoving and jumping over one another as they tried to wrest control of the microphone. The chaos erupted around a swarm of reporters – making for some memorable videos and photographs.

Pro-democracy legislator Gary Fan reportedly fainted and was carried out of the chamber in a stretcher and hospitalized, while one pro-Beijing lawmaker was seen with his arm in a sling.

Hong Kong pro-Beijing lawmaker Abraham Shek (centre R-in white vest) is escorted from a legislative meeting after scuffles broke out between pro-Beijing and pro-democracy lawmakers in the Legislative Council (LegCo) in Hong Kong on May 11, 2019. © AFP

The proposed amendments have been criticized as an assault on territory’s semi-autonomous status within China, but supporters of the move argue that Hong Kong needs to update its extradition rules in order to cooperate with its neighbors.

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