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Ring Of Honor star, Flip Gordon recently spoke with James Walsh of the Interactive Wrestling Radio about several topics including his feud with Bully Ray and more.

On his feud with Bully Ray:

“It is really cool getting to work with him because he’s a Hall of Famer, he’s been around a really long time, and he knows a lot of stuff! To be able to work with him is a huge honor and I’ve learned so much very quickly. It is different than anything I’ve ever done before! But, I feel like there is a lot of realism to it which is what allows the fans to react, get attached, and actually care about what me and him are doing. Everybody, well I don’t know if everybody’s been bullied but everybody can relate to that. It is story telling! It is what I really want to learn. It is what this business is built on is story telling and not just the wrestling. I’m really excited to do this with him and see where it goes!”

The Book Flip Movement:

“It has been crazy because everywhere I go now, I hear the chants “BOOK FLIP!” It is at shows I’m not even on! I was in Japan for Best of Super Juniors and ROH was on their United tour and the fans were chanting “BOOK FLIP” at Cody every time he was on TV! It is really cool to see. You look on TV, you see Book Flip shirts everywhere! It has been really cool. It has been really special. But, it hasn’t gotten me booked yet! I’m still not All In. I’m not on the biggest independent wrestling event of all time. So, it has been frustrating but the Book Flip movement has been really cool. But, I feel it has to pay off. I still have to get booked! But, I’m still going to be in Chicago. I’m having an “All Out” pre-show party. It sold out, a little under 2 hours, 2,000 tickets! I’m still going to try my best to get booked. I think it would mean a lot for Ring of Honor to have another one of their superstars on the show!”

On ROH selling out Madison Square Gardens:

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“It is just insane! Not just from a wrestling standpoint but from an entertainer’s standpoint! Anybody from basketball to comedy to music to wrestling to theater, they want to perform in Madison Square Garden! That is the World’s Most Famous Arena! Like you said, it is the Mecca! That is a dream of mine coming true. I can’t wait! I wish it was April already! (laughs) For Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling to put on a co-show, the G1 Supercard, and to sell it out that quick is a testament to how popular wrestling is right now and how much of a variety there is. Wrestling fans want something different. You can have a WWE show across town and have a non-WWE show sell out in the same city! There’s such a variety and it is cool to see how much wrestling is thriving right now!”

His future ROH goals:

“Well, I want to get this thing with Bully Ray squashed… Get that out of the way. And then, you know, I’ve been with Ring of Honor for over a year now… I have just re-signed… Maybe it is time for a TV title run?”

To listen to the full interview where Gordon talks about being part of New Japan’s Super Juniors tournament, facing Nick Aldis, and more click here.

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