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While anytime WWE uses a poll it raises questions of the legitimacy of the voting, it’s said that this year’s Slammy Awards were legitimate across the board.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that despite speculation related to WWE’s past of rigging the voting system with polls, everything was on the “up and up” as it pertains to this year’s Slammy Awards.

One of the big complaints coming out of this year’s Slammy Awards was the fact that so many top stars that won awards weren’t present to accept them, including The Rock, Ronda Rousey, Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, Sting and John Cena. While there is the issue of not knowing who will win ahead of time, so you’re not sure who to bring in, it’s said that the bigger issue is the perception that the awards aren’t important enough for some of the top stars to show up.

Two changes were proposed after this year’s Slammy Awards show, according to The Observer. One is to have the voting take place one week prior to the show itself, this way WWE would know ahead of time who the winners are so that they could arrange to have them at the show. In the case of The Rock, where he could still be busy with movie commitments, WWE could send film crews to record an acceptance speech.

The second change proposed was to move the annual Slammy Awards to WrestleMania week, as most of the top stars will already be in town, so there won’t be an issue with not having big stars on-hand to accept the awards in person. The problem with doing that is that WrestleMania week is already very busy, and putting the Slammy Awards on the post-WrestleMania edition of RAW would potentially ruin what has become one of the biggest and most exciting RAW shows each year.

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