Former WWE Referee Reveals a Last-Minute Booking Decision That Crowned A New ECW Champion in 2009

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Former WWE referee Marty Elias has published a new column over at The Floor Seat, and the article recalls the night Tommy Dreamer won the ECW Championship in a Triple Threat match against Jack Swagger and Christian. Elias reveals the original plan in WWE was for Christian to retain the title, however, the match plan was changed, unbeknownst to Elias, and below is Elias recalling refereeing the bout without knowing the real plan.

It was now time for us to go out on PPV and do this as we had done many, many times. As usual, I was out there in the ring waiting for the boys to walk the aisle as their music played and start the match. One by one, they made their entrances. Swagger was out first and entered the ring. As Swagger entered, he looked at me and said, “Dreamer’s Up,” and then did his entrance. I stood there and I was puzzled for a second and wondered if I had heard Swagger correctly. Swagger walked by and gave me a grin, as only Swagger does, and didn’t say another word.

Next was Christian, and as he made his entrance, he calmly came over to me and pointed and said “Tommy’s Up,” then Swagger walked away and no sold what he had just said. My first thought was these guys are ribbing me and are no selling to the tilt!! It was now time for Dreamer’s entrance, as Dreamer made his way down Christian walked over and bumped me and said “Tommy’s Up!”

Dreamer made his entrance into the ring and did his Tommy Dreamer “E-C-Dub” chant, as only Dreamer does. I looked at Tommy and asked, “I heard you’re up?” Tommy looked and me and said, “yes I am.” I looked back at him and asked how can that be and why would they do that? Dreamer laughed and said, “let’s hurry up before they change their mind!”

The match started and went as planned and as I seen Dreamer get Swagger for his finish, I was there to count 3. 1,2,3, and your new ECW Champion is Tommy Dreamer! As I grabbed the title, it hit me! Holy smokes, Dreamer finally gets to enjoy being the ECW Champion!

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