FT journo scolds Moscow authorities for not instantly removing crashed jet, gets schooled on Twitter

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Most reactions to the plane crash at a Moscow airport on Sunday were of simple sadness and shock – but for Financial Times Moscow correspondent Max Seddon, the tragedy was a chance to gratuitously bash Russian authorities.

Seddon took to Twitter on Monday to chastise Sheremetyevo Airport authorities for the most nonsensical of reasons – because they did not instantly remove the destroyed aircraft from the tarmac after the crash landing which killed 41 people, including two children.

“A day after an Aeroflot flight burnt up at Sheremetevo, the airport has just left it there for everyone to stare at,” he wrote, in an apparent attempt to provoke some kind of outrage.

However, Seddon’s mentions were immediately filled with people reminding him that the plane had not been removed because the crash site would need to be thoroughly investigated. It obviously hadn’t occurred to the FT correspondent that immediately removing the aircraft from view would interfere with those efforts.

“In fairness, a proper technical assessment requires as little post-accident movement as possible…” writer Mark Galeotti wrote.

“I can’t believe they haven’t removed a possible crime scene involving the deaths of 40 people. It’s been a whole 12 hours,” another sarcastic comment read.

One tweeter surmised that Seddon’s rush to judgement stemmed from his general hostility toward Russia, coupled with a lack of basic knowledge about air crash investigations.

Another tweeter suspected that if the plane had been moved, Seddon would likely be accusing Russian authorities of an “attempted cover up,” and suggested that he should simply have opted for some “respectful silence” under the circumstances.

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Perhaps Seddon’s attempt to spark some uncalled for condemnation of Russia isn’t all that surprising, though, since his Twitter bio states he is working in “soviet Russia.”

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