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Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows became stars in NJPW as part of the Bullet Club along with former Universal Champion Finn Balor. 
They also then teamed with AJ Styles after Balor left Japan to sign for WWE. When the duo signed for WWE months later, they were able to reunite with AJ Styles for a while, before they were then drafted to separate brands back in July. 
Finn, Gallows and Anderson are all now on the Raw brand and rumours of a reunion have been circling for a while, but it is only recently that the stars themselves have actually spoke about it. 

Gallows recently commented about The Bullet Club on the Same Roberts Podcast and said: ““Let (Balor) come back. Let us reform the original Bullet Club. We’ll just tear everything apart. That’s one of those pitches we’ve thrown. We’ll see if it sticks or not.”
Of course, Balor is out of action until WrestleMania season after he suffered a torn labrum in his SummerSlam match against Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship.
These comments come just weeks after Finn Balor appeared on the same podcast and hinted that a Bullet Club Reunion would ‘always be a possibility.’ 


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