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13th Jun 2019

2018 rom-com movie, , starring four legendary Hollywood actresses — Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen and Mary Steenburgen — reminded audiences that entertainment doesn’t need to be challenging, searing or an endurance event. Movies can just be good old fashioned light-hearted, delightful, feel-good fun.

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This movie in particular, on a reported budget of US$10 million was a surprise box office success, with movie data website, , reporting box office grosses of over US$91 million. It clearly resonated with audiences in large part thanks to its stellar cast and easy-to-enjoy plot.

The plot of the film revolves around a very common social scenario: a book club. Keaton (Diane), Fonda (Vivian), Bergen (Sharon), and Steenburgen (Carol), have been meeting monthly over wine and snacks to discuss books and life for 30 years, but when their latest book selection, Fifty Shades of Grey, causes them to reassess what’s happening in their own lives and relationships (or lack of) an enjoyable rom-com narrative follows.

No spoilers, but at the end of the film, most of the plot questions are pretty neatly resolved. However, it was such a pleasure to spend time with these characters (and the actresses that play them) that audiences are clearly keen to visit again with Diane, Vivian, Sharon and Carol and find out what’s next for this fabulous book club crew.

According to , Steenburgen has confirmed we will get that chance again, as a sequel to the beloved film is in the works. The actress also revealed that this foursome are just as great friends in real life as they are on the film, sharing that they recently caught up at Keaton’s house.

“I love them [Keaton, Fonda and Bergen] and I guess we’re doing Book Club 2, because the film was incredibly successful,” reports the actress said in an interview on Radio Andy. “We’re kind of obsessed with each other, because none of us had ever worked together and there had been these little meetings over the years between all of us, but the stories are so incredible.”

Stories aside, their dinners together sound pretty incredible too, with Steenburgen, Fonda and Bergen all taking to Instagram after their latest dinner at Keaton’s house to post about the gathering. Steenburgen’s post was particularly noteworthy with the actress captioning her post: “Another Book Club dinner. At @diane_keaton’s remarkable home. Oh my god, I wish we were filming these dinners cause they are so FUNNY. But some things just have to be a little moment in time. Wise, funny, supportive, dreamy friends. Love.”


No details on when exactly will be happening, but check back here, we’ll update this story as news comes to hand.

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