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14th Jun 2019


While the sporting industry is making strides toward equality, it’s safe to say that there is still a long way to go. This fact is at the forefront of our minds as the Matildas take to France to represent Australia at the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019™. 


In an effort to ensure the world of sport continues to make positive progress and to spark a national conversation about gender equality, Optus Sport is giving all Australian school kids access to Optus Sport for the duration of the quadrennial football tournament at no charge, an initiative which will give women’s sport greater visibility for the next generation.


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“I think it is such an amazing initiative,” says Georgia Yeoman-Dale, an Optus Sport expert who currently plays for the Western Sydney Wanderers. 25-year-old Yeoman-Dale has represented Australia with the Matildas a total of five times. 


“There are already so many things stacked against young girls aspiring to be professional footballers,” she adds. “But the inspiration they can gain through watching their idols playing on the biggest stage will go a long way to helping them live their dreams.”



By broadcasting all games live and on demand, and allowing school students to tune in to the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019™ at no charge, Optus is leading by example and allowing perceptions to be challenged. 


While Yeoman-Dale admits that there has been a considerable increase in financial backing from the Football Federation Australia, as well as the W-League clubs, the pathways available to women are still not where they need to be. 


“My first W-League season I wasn’t paid a cent, now there is minimum wage in the W-League,” she confesses, before adding that “as a female footballer, you can’t train to the capacity you want to train because either you don’t have the facilities, or you need to work to make a living.” 


Join the conversation, support the Matildas, and encourage those who are able to make the most of Optus’s noteworthy initiate to do so, as conversations need to be had, opinions need to change and dreams need to be discovered by the youth of today.


While she hopes the access Optus Sport is giving school students “can inspire a whole generation of young girls and boys to dream of being a Matilda or a Socceroo,” Yeoman-Dale also longs that “by the end of this World Cup people stop talking about it as women’s football, but simply as football.”


Optus Sport is giving all Australian school kids the entire FIFA Women’s World Cup, at no charge. To redeem, any school kid can visit an Optus Yes store with a parent or guardian, and do not have to be Optus customers to activate.

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