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How to bet on Champions League?

July 2, 2020 | News | No Comments

Volleyball Champions League 2010/2011 is here. Do you think you can make some money by betting on Champions League? Sure it is not easy task but with our advices you will have bigger chance.



First of all let me explain the system of Champions League. I think most of you know it. 24 teams are divided in 6 pools. Every team play home and away matches with 3 opponents. Two best teams from the league round will advance in Play-offs 12, then Play-offs 6 and Final four tournament.

Here are my advices…Who should you believe?
First of all we have Trentino – two times champion from the last two editions of CHL. Trento is again the no.1 favorite of Champions League. Goal of R. Stoychev team is to win the best european cup again. Other favorites are Russian Kazan and Italian Cuneo. Both teams are the champions of the domestic leagues. We can not forget Belchatow and Friedrichshafen. These two teams are always in the play-offs of Champions League.

Now let´s see every pool… Kazan is for sure the team to win Pool A. AS Cannes or CSKA Sofia should be the second team to advance to next round. Cuneo and Maaseik are the favorites in Pool B. Pool C is more complicated. Bled qualified for the Final Four in the previous season. Headcoach G. Hoag and some players left the team. Jastrzebski is not as strong as in the last season. Also Olympiacos is not performing well in Greek league. And Budva is a team which can surprise.

The “worst” pool for betting is pool D. Fantastic Trento, Polish champion Belchatow and dangerous Fridriechshafen will fight for two spots in next round. Trento never lose game at home. It is not easy to win even in Belchatow or Fridrichshafen. Belgorod and Treviso should qualify from Pool E and Dynamo Moscow is the best team on paper in pool F.

November 16 is the start day of the Champions League 2010/2011.

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