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Is this show the new Gilmore Girls?

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15th Aug 2019

While it’s totally fine and very normal for diehard fans of Gilmore Girls to watch reruns of Gilmore Girls whenever the mood takes them (no judgement if it’s every single day, we’ve all been there), a new viewing option in a very similar mother-daughter, coming-of-age, cute and quirky small town vein would be very welcome. After all, there definitely comes a time when even the truest of Gilmore Girls fans can’t watch Rory and Lorelai drink one more cup of coffee at Luke’s Diner.

Enter: Ginny & Georgia. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix have ordered a 10-episode season of a new show, Ginny & Georgia, about a 30-year-old mum, Georgia, and her teenage daughter, Ginny, who move to a “picturesque New England town, where Georgia is desperate to put down roots”. The publication notes that 15-year-old Ginny “often feels more mature than her 30-year-old mum”.

Gilmore Girls fans will immediately recognise the similarities. The main characters are a mother and daughter: check. It’s set in a small town in New England: check. The daughter feels “more mature than her mum”: check and double check. Ginny & Georgia sounds exactly like the premise of the Gilmore Girls!

However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Ginny & Georgia does have the makings of a slightly darker dramatic edge than Girmore Girls, which is a comedy-drama. The publication reports Georgia wants her kids to have a “normal life” which will be possible “unless Georgia’s past catches up to her”. While Lorelai’s relationship with her parents and having Rory when she was just 16, led her to move to the fictional town of Stars Hollow in Connecticut, her past wasn’t terribly dark; she’d made a great life for herself and Rory and her interactions with her past in the form of her parents, Richard and Emily Gilmore, were on the whole, hilarious. Still, this darker “past” in Ginny & Georgia might be an interesting twist on the Gilmore Girls-esque sounding show.

The cast has already reportedly been assembled and production is beginning in Toronto, for an air date slated for some time in 2020. 

The Hollywood Reporter reports Ginny will be played by newcomer Antonia Gentry, Brianne Howey will play her mum, Georgia, and Ginny’s younger brother Austin will be played by Diesel La Torraca. Raymond Ablack is reportedly signed onto play the “owner of a restaurant who can’t help but notice when Georgia moves to town”, which sounds incredibly like the character of Luke in Gilmore Girls.

The show is from first-time creator Sarah Lampert, and also has a first-time showrunner on board in Debra J. Fisher.

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