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Jiangsu and Army Take the Lead!

June 22, 2020 | News | No Comments

On the night of Nov, 11th and the afternoon of the 15th , teams in China met on the court for  the 2nd and 3rd round in the National League.

The competition between 2 strong teams is always on the spotlight. In the 2nd round, Shanghai and Fujian had a tight match. Fujian’s better performance at the key points, more sophisticated cooperation and higher efficiency of spike by Flier and Ocacio helped the team to win with a score 3:2 (28-26, 17- 25, 29- 27, 13-25, 15- 11).

The other matches results are as it follows:

 Zhejiang v.s Guangdong, 3-0(25-14 25-18 25-16); Jiangsu v.s Shandong, 3-1(25-23 25-22 21-25 25-16); Tianjin v.s Army, 1-3(15-25 25-11 15-25 18-25); Sichuan v.s Liaoning, 2-3(25-23 25-22 23-25 20-25 9-15); Henan v.s Beijing, 0-3(20-25 22-25 17-25).

For the 3rd round, Shanghai v.s Zhejiang had a fierce match. Zhejiang was the champion last year and Shanghai made an improvement with the joining of Kozuch Margareta and Senna Usic Joqunica. The results did show this. Whenever it came to the key points, their spike helped Shanghai to take the set, though Zhejiang have done better in cooperation.

 The results are as it follows:

 Shanghai v.s Zhejiang, 3-1(16-25 25-22 28-26 25-15); Guangdong v.s Jiangsu, 0-3(18-25 11-25 17-25); Shandong v.s Fujian, 3-0(25-22 33-31 25-20) with a surprise; Army v.s Henan, 3-0(25-16 25-17 25-20); Liaoning v.s Tianjin, 3-0(25-18 25-22 25-12); Beijing v.s Sichuan, 3-1(24-26 25-11 25-18 26-24).

Next round will be on the night of 18th. In Group B, potential candidates’ match for the champion, Army and Beijing, must be fascinating, while Group A, the top 2, Shanghai and Jiangsu, fight for the lead.

Photo: http://slide.sports.sina.com.cn/o/slide_2_730_73953.html#p=1

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