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Jim Ross has posted yet another blog entry on his official web site. Below are the highlights:

– When we step back and think about what the Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young have done on Monday Night Raw over the past few years, at their age it is extraordinary. Moolah may not have been overly popular with some of her peers because Moolah had the political influences with the promoters, but no one can ever deny Moolah’s ever lasting influence and contributions to the business over 6 decades.

– Freddy Joe Floyd aka Tracey Smothers is still wrestling from what I understand and is hopefully doing well. A tough guy to say the least. By the way, that name came from Jack and Jerry Brisco, if you are keeping score at home. Mr. McMahon is perfect in his role on WWE TV, in my opinion, because the best antagonists in any field are the ones that are the easiest to naturally dislike. Mr. McMahon knows the buttons to push to elicit the desired response out of the audience. Quite honestly, that is an elusive art form.

– The Rock’s “This is Your Life” segment on Raw a few years ago is one of the more memorable segments ever on Monday night. It was an amazing experience as the King and I simply had to stay out of the way and enjoy it like the fans we are. Rock and Mick Foley executed like pros that night without a doubt. Key term… talent execution… which is never a “lay-up”.

– I felt very honored to be asked to write the foreword for Chris Jericho’s book, “A Lion’s Tail, Around the World in Spandex”. I wholeheartedly suggest to any fan to read this one, least of all for my foreword, but I am glad that you liked it. By the way, my wife is reading Batista’s book as we speak and is really enjoying it.

– When I first got into the business the promoter LeRoy McGuirk had me watch Gordon Solie, alone, and do the commentary for the Danny Hodge vs. Hiro Matsuda NWA Junior Heavyweight Title bout from Tampa over and over. I studied Gordon’s psychology, timing, and the choice of words he used to describe a classic wrestling match. So yes, on many occasions when I was starting to find my way as a broadcaster, Gordon Solie provided me with inspiration and motivation. He still does to this very day, as I think I have plenty of room to improve my game and I go to work every Monday with that thought in mind… to be better than I was last week.

– I never dreamed my comments about the recent Diva Halloween Costume Contest would cause such a stir. This might be one of those “much to do’s about nothing” moments. Was it that far off base?

– Indeed Smoky Mountain Wrestling’s Gangstas were very cutting edge and politically incorrect. I don’t know on a global basis if that would play well in today’s marketplace though.

– When King and I travel, he drives and I navigate, but he has first dibs on the radio station. However, we like the same music and usually listen to Classic Rock or a good Oldies station and occasionally some Country, until they start singing those heartbreak songs and then we tag out. I agree that Sting facing Flair anytime soon is not too likely.

– HBK was a challenging individual to be around back in the day and that has made for an interesting journey between he and I. Our relationship today is excellent and I am proud of the man that Shawn Michaels has become. The interview he referenced in his book, which is an excellent read by the way, was when he loaded his shorts with socks or something to annoy me. It was sophomoric, but funny when I look back on it… the interview, not the manhood.

– When I hired talent, I always felt that if an individual was simply looking for a job and not a career that they had less of a chance of succeeding. Passionless paychecks don’t last long. To be a long term star in this business, one must be a fan of the business and a student of it. That’s my story and I will always stick to it.

– Gregory Helms is healing from neck surgery, but is healing nicely as I understand it. I don’t expect him to be medically cleared for a few more months.

– Santino Marella has been a pleasant highlight on Raw in my view. He makes me laugh, which makes it hard for me to dislike the rascal. His remark about J.R. having an orgasm re: Austin arriving on the LA Raw was funny as hell. Mentioning “J.R.” and an “orgasm” in the same sentence is a first for Raw.

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