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Jim Ross has updated his blog once again, which you can read here in its entirety. Some highlights:

Michael Hayes Returning to Work: “Yours truly looks forward to seeing old friend Michael Hayes return to work with the WWE which I understand might be this Monday in Salt Lake City for the live Monday Night Raw. As reported on many websites over the past several weeks, Michael made a mistake and a terrible error in judgment that has cost him severely.

“Sitting home for 60 days without pay and being demoted and losing current and future income are appropriate and significant punishments. Michael’s problem, in my personal opinion, are manifested and enhanced by one evil and that is abuse of alcohol… It is my understanding that Michael has received counseling for his alcohol issues which I am truly thankful to hear.

“Whether Michael works for the WWE for one more day or one more decade, I am more concerned that he defeats his demons and lives a long, healthy life. Financially and from a personal perspective, Michael Hayes has been hit deservedly hard but this unfortunate situation can be made into a positive one at the end of the day if Hayes learns from his mistakes and begins his daily battle to restrain from drinking.

The Upcoming WWE Draft: “It looks as if the WWE Draft show on June 23 in San Antonio will be a sell out for the three hour live broadcast on the USA Network that starts at 8/7 central as I understand it. I know all three announce teams are required to be there which is interesting. Do you actually think any broadcasters will switch brands? I know at least two “talking heads” that hope they don’t change addresses.

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