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The Greatest Royal Rumble Event is less than two weeks away and while WWE is pushing the event as one of the biggest shows of the year, it has not come without controversy and issues. The first, which has been previously reported, is the fact that WWE’s Female Superstars, despite being part of an empowerment revolution that the company is pushing, are not able to compete in any way due to the country’s rules around women and sports.
The second issue which is now coming to the forefront is complications in buying tickets. The country’s rules forbid women from attending the event unless they are accompanied by a man and any single men who are interested in going to the event and only these men are allowed to purchase tickets. Also, these men are to be seated in a section far away from the women and their families. Reports also suggest that the seats where the women are allowed to sit are far from ideal, likely in the upper deck, and there are only a limited amount of these seats.
Furthermore, you are apparently not even able to select your exact seats as they will only be assigned shortly before the event begins.

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