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The Universal Championship is now back on Raw with a a full time champion defending it. Roman Reigns defeated Brock Lesnar to win the title at SummerSlam, and he already has a huge challenger named Braun Strowman waiting for him at Hell in a Cell. However, Sports Illustrated reports that the plan is for Roman to keep the title and have a lengthy run as the champion. It was also mentioned that Drew McIntyre is currently scheduled for feud with Reigns for the title as soon the match with Strowman is finished. McIntyre has been working in a team with Dolph Ziggler ever since he came back to the main roster earlier this year, but he may be moving into the main event scene within the next few months.
Wrestling fans are well aware of the fact that Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake were great friends during their days in the wrestling business. They even teamed up together as The Mega Maniacs on WWE television for a while, but the two have had a falling out over the past few months. It all became public when “The Barber” insinuated in a tweet that he would be revealing some secret information on Hogan in his new book. Hogan threatened to sue him if he went through with it, but it appears now that the two have officially buried the hatchet. Both former wrestlers have tweeted out images of the two of them meeting each other and clearing the air, with Hogan also noting that “all is well” between them once again.

Great hanging out with Brutus again, good to see that “all is well” my brother. HH
— Hulk Hogan (@HulkHogan) August 31, 2018
— Brutus Beefcake (@brutusbeefcake_) August 30, 2018
Long before Hideo Itami began his career in WWE, he was a mainstay in the Pro Wrestling NOAH promotion in Japan. As KENTA, Itami became one of Japan’s top competitors during his time in NOAH, and the current WWE cruiserweight recently took the time to visit the NOAH Dojo for the first time in years earlier today. An image of Hideo at the dojo was tweeted out earlier today. Itami will be returning to NOAH as KENTA for the promotion’s twentieth anniversary show this weekend. Itami is still under contract to WWE and will continue to compete on 205 Live, which means that his NOAH appearance is just a one-off, but fans can look forward to Itami coming back home during NOAH’s huge show tomorrow.

???????#HideoVSMarufuji #noah_ghc
— Hideo Itami / ???? (@HideoItami) August 31, 2018

— Hideo Itami / ???? (@HideoItami) August 31, 2018

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