Office tour: inside Tigerlily’s warm and welcoming workspace

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“The space was designed and built especially for Tigerlily based on a brief set by the creative team,” Lesleigh Jermanus, the brand’s head designer tells Vogue of Tigerlily’s Alexandria-based workspace, which she describes as both warm and welcoming.

Decorated with oversized pot plants and antique rugs, the Tigerlily space offers the creative team an abundance of natural light. “We work in a modern converted warehouse with original features, it feels more like a creative workshop than a traditional office,” says Jermanus, who shares that the building boasts a high corrugated steel ceiling with wooden and steel beams, a whitewash brick wall and hard wooden flooring.

In terms of what the Tigerlily team have planned for the future of their workspace, Jermanus shares a green office is what they are aiming for. “We are in the planning stages of growing a green room so stay tuned,” she tells Vogue. “Oh, and a brand spanking new design room,” she adds. Jermanus’s current open-plan design room features pin boards, where hand-drawn illustrations hang, and a series of bespoke copper and wooden rails.

Below, Tigerlily’s head designer takes Vogue through the space.

Storytelling begins in the [design] space. The creative process unravels and as it progresses strong opinions are listened to and the collection evolves. Pin boards are up, where you’ll find hand-drawn illustrations and mood boards, fabric swatches and inspiration. We have bespoke copper and wooden rails for vintage pieces and inspirational shapes.“

“We sit opposite each other and are in revolving conversations. As it is open-plan we can call out to each other to discuss things that matter, like newly arrived hand block printed textures from our artisans that we can gasp over.”

“We have industrial lights hanging from the ceiling, which complements the natural light that shines through the windows, creating a bright space and environment that encourages creativity. We use natural sustainable materials where possible, keeping in line with the brand’s ethos.”

“I love our open-plan environment keeping our crew connected, from a communal lunch area to setting up different work stations so that we can move around the office, we have a modern and optimistic space allowing creativity.”

“Our digital team require multiple screens and sit close to the marketing and social teams where they are in constant conversation. The space allows for open communication and also space to retreat.”

“Behind a glass sliding door protects our brainy finance team from the distraction and noise from all of the creatives and our busy sales team.”

The pattern and technical team are an integral part of the process and sit in a pod next to the production and design teams. They sit at a large square hand-made table where they develop patterns before handing over to our in-house machinist.”

“I design in the office, however I move around depending on what feels good intuitively on any given day. Space and light are crucial in setting up the right environment, it has to feel happy so the collections feel that way too.”

“We often hold design meetings outside during the afternoons that linger on so we set up well with cushions and floating mood boards, art diaries and a pack of pencils to let our creative conversations flow.”

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