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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called his former intelligence chief a mastermind behind the recent botched coup attempt, claiming Caracas has proof that he was recruited by the CIA over a year ago. During a televised speech on Friday, Maduro unleashed an attack on General Manuel Ricardo Cristopher Figuera, former director general of Venezuela’s National Intelligence […]

The SpaceX Crew Dragon has apparently brought a party spirit along with supplies on its very first visit to the International Space Station (ISS). Russia has sent a complaint to NASA about the strange delivery. The incident occurred early in March, when the Crew Dragon arrived at the ISS, head of the Cosmonaut Training Centre […]

The US is sending a battery of Patriot missiles to join the carrier strike group and bomber task force currently “protecting” American interests in the Middle East from Iran, still insisting the buildup is merely defensive. The missiles and transport ship USS Arlington are being deployed to the region “in response to indications of heightened […]

US President Donald Trump says he does not view recent short-range missile launches by Pyongyang as a violation of his trust, telling Politico that he and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un are still on good terms. In an extensive interview on Friday, Trump briefly gave his take on North Korea’s increased missile activity.  In stark contrast […]

A senior Iranian cleric has warned the US against displays of power, saying that one missile could destroy a fleet worth billions of dollars. His words come as America sends an aircraft carrier group as a message to Iran. Ayatollah Yousef Tabatabai-Nejad, who represents the Isfahan Province in Iran’s Assembly of Experts, said on Friday […]

Fierce clashes broke out on the streets of Bogota, Colombia between student protesters armed with Molotov cocktails and police in armored vehicles deploying water cannon. Violence erupted outside The National Pedagogic University as anti-government protests over education and state pension cuts proposed by President Iván Duque continue. Police fired water cannon and launched tear gas […]

After five months of research, a whistleblower says Facebook allows terrorist sympathizers to thrive not only by failing to remove their accounts, but also by auto-creating celebratory videos and pages for terrorist groups. The National Whistleblower Center in Washington (NWC) has published a 48-page comprehensive study into how Facebook neglects to curb, and even boosts, […]