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Pro-Maduro activists occupying the Venezuelan embassy in Washington have refused to vacate the premises in defiance of a notice threatening them with arrest and police entering the building but stopping short of evicting everyone. “We are expecting the police to come in and violate the Vienna convention with their fictional government, nongovernment claiming that we […]

A large group of vegan activists have occupied a pig farm in the Netherlands, protesting the suffering of animals. Local farmers have responded in force, grilling meat outside the farm and flipping the activists’ cars. The activist group calling itself ‘Meat the Victims’ arrived at the farm in Boxtel, near the Belgian border, on Monday […]

The US risks setting the stage for war if peace activists are evicted from the Venezuelan embassy in Washington and representatives of US-backed Juan Guaido move in, investigative journalist Max Blumenthal told RT. “It could be considered an act of war for them [US authorities] to allow the parallel government, which is unrecognized, which controls […]

Despite taking fire on social media for comments accusing Disney’s ‘Frozen’ of being homosexual propaganda, Brazil’s Human Rights Minister Damares Alves just won’t let it go in the fight over gender identity. Alves offered her controversial crossover fan theory about the Disney film princesses Elsa and Sleeping Beauty in a video which was recorded last […]

Facebook-owned WhatsApp messenger has been weaponized to bug the phones of human rights campaigners, lawyers, and other dissidents with an Israeli spyware, sparking a backlash against the program’s manufacturer. “NSO Group sells its products to governments who are known for outrageous human rights abuses, giving them the tools to track activists and critics. The attack […]