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ABC News, in partnership with Univision, will host the third Democratic presidential debate in September, the Democratic National Committee announced Wednesday, saying it was raising both the polling and fundraising bars for candidates to qualify. The debate is set for Sept. 12 and could extend to a second night, Sept. 13, if enough candidates meet […]

As the front-runner in the Democratic primary, Joe Biden is likely to be dodging arrows in Thursday’s debate. But rival Democrats trying to distinguish themselves from the former vice president — or looking for a breakout moment by sticking it to Biden — might want to proceed with caution. Many of the same Democrats who […]

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her leadership team are nowhere close to launching impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump — with the chances diminishing as the 2020 election moves ever closer. Democratic lawmakers and senior aides say Pelosi and her deputies are unmoved despite a groundswell of impeachment talk among rank-and-file members who are infuriated by […]

Sen. Michael Bennet has met the polling criterion to qualify for the first Democratic presidential debates at the end of June, but that doesn’t ensure the Colorado lawmaker a spot on the stage in Miami. Click Here: liverpool mens jersey Bennet crossed the polling threshold Tuesday morning when he got 1 percent in a national […]

Hickenlooper goes from David to Goliath

October 22, 2019 | News | No Comments

John Hickenlooper jumps into the Colorado Senate race with universal name recognition, Democratic establishment cred and a strong electability argument — as well as progressive discomfort with his record and a broad field of primary opponents who say he won’t force them out of the race. In other words, he’s the Joe Biden of his […]

Why black voters are backing two old white guys

October 22, 2019 | News | No Comments

ROCK HILL, S.C. — A generational divide among black voters is persisting in the Democratic primary — between the two old white men. Joe Biden has amassed a staggering lead among older African Americans, commanding nearly two-thirds support of black voters 65 and older in the most recent Morning Consult poll. Bernie Sanders is the […]

Republicans are launching an innovation fund that will funnel cash into digital startups, a move designed to boost the party’s online infrastructure and help combat a liberal tech resurgence. Startup Caucus, which is billing itself as a Republican venture capital effort, will announce on Tuesday that it will give $25,000 in seed funding to six […]

Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg has privately recommended several potential hires to Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign, a rare example of direct political involvement from one of tech’s most powerful executives. Earlier this year, Zuckerberg sent multiple emails to Mike Schmuhl, Buttigieg’s campaign manager, with names of individuals that he might consider hiring, campaign […]

Ever vigilant for ways to save money for the overburdened federal taxpayer, the Trump administration last week delivered its analysis of a change in eligibility for free or reduced-price school breakfasts and lunches. The savings: $90 million a year, or two thousandths of a percent of the $4.4-trillion federal budget. The collateral damage: about half […]

SACRAMENTO —  California voters who are unaffiliated with a political party will be able to participate in the Democratic presidential primary next year, but they will be prohibited from casting ballots for President Trump or any possible Republican challenger, according to information released Monday by state elections officials. Those rules are made by the individual political […]