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PARKLAND, FL — No matter how you cut it, life has not been the same in Parkland since the horrific school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last February.

So, with the holidays upon us, Parkland first responders banded together to create an uplifting holiday video to help the Florida community’s healing process.

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“The holidays are here. It’s been a rough year for us obviously with the incident at Douglas,” explained Division Chief Michael Moser of the Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department. “We really wanted to kind of change directions and brings more uplifting stories out to our residents.”

It helped to have an Emmy-winning videographer on the city’s social media staff.

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“We were just happy because it was something that just made us smile,”Moser told Patch.

Set to Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “Wizards In Winter,” the video syncs up brilliantly with the lights on Parkland rescue vehicles.

“We lucked out that they didn’t have a call during the process,” he shared. “We would have had to do it all over again.”

While the video has been viewed tens of thousands of times, Parkland first responders were slightly concerned when they were contacted by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Fortunately, they wanted permission to share the video rather than to complain.

“We were obviously elated,” Moser said. “The answer is ‘yes.'”

Video and image courtesy Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department

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