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— According to PW Insider, new WWE US champion Jeff Hardy is backstage at Smackdown Live in Providence, RI. This doesn’t confirm that he will be appearing on the show as part of the Shake-Up, but as noted earlier, there is a good chance WWE will want to move either the US champ or the IC champ (Seth Rollins) over to Smackdown.

— Dave Meltzer added on Wrestling Observer Radio, that it appears as if WWE is trying to separate Matt and Jeff Hardy, with Matt going forward in a tag team with Bray Wyatt as Broken/Woken Matt while Jeff is being pushed as a singles wrestler. He said it wouldn’t surprise him if they further tried to separate the two by putting them on different brands. With Jeff on Smackdown, there would be a more clear path for him to super stardom which is what many feel his potential is.


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