Putin and Kim give each other same gift… a sword (PHOTO, VIDEO)

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Kim Jong-un spoke about his country’s “strength” as he exchanged weapons as presents with Vladimir Putin during their first-ever meeting in Vladivostok on Thursday.

The Russian president led his North Korean counterpart through the traditional gift-giving ceremony that accompanies landmark international summits, first offering him a set of handmade gilded glasses.

But the highlight was a Russian curved saber that Putin unsheathed as he offered it to the North Korean leader.

As is customary when gifting blades, to avoid bad luck the Russian president included a coin with the sword, which Kim then paid back to him.

Kim Jong-un then did the reverse, apresenting a traditional straight Korean sword to the Russian president, with a coin of his own.

“It represents strength, it represents the soul – mine and that of our people, who support you,” said the North Korean leader.

Putin and Kim spent twice the allotted time during their face-to-face in the Russian Far East, in what was the first ever face-to-face meeting between the two leaders ever.

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