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This RAW after the RR starts with a recap of the RR Match. They show bits of the start of it, then HHH comes out. Who’s #30 and the shocker of the show – Cena! The fans go wild and the video shows him eliminating a lot of people until it’s down to him and HHH. He gets The Game up and FUs him from the ring to win! He looks really pumped up and ripped.

No opening music and pyro, it goes right into Cena’s music and he comes out to the ring to mixed reviews from the fans. He basks in the glory of being back in the ring with a huge grin on his face before getting serious. His music goes off and there’s a lot of heat mixed in with females cheering for him. He says what he likes about that city is that no matter what they think, they’re going to get loud and rowdy. The heat gets louder. He says he’s there to answer a question that’s been on everyone’s mind? How could this be possible? In September he suffered and injury. “Cena sucks” chants. He says he’s not going to lie, but it’s music to his ears. The doctors said he’d be out for about a year. So, for the first time in his career he’d have to watch the greatest spectacle from home. A new champion was crowned and life went on in the WWE. In the last second of the final hour he risked his career for one damn chance to maybe, maybe get an opportunity to go to WM. Huge heat from the crowd.
He says maybe it was luck, maybe is was skill, maybe it was both. But the impossible has happened, he’s back, he’s the winner of the 21st RR and damn it he’s going to WM. A mixture of “Cena” and “Cena sucks” chants. That is unless the fans want WM tonight. There’s someone out back who has something he wants and he wants to officially challenge him for it. He challenges Orton for the title in Philly. The fans want this and make a lot of noise for it.
Audio keeps cutting out for brief seconds through this whole start of the show. Orton comes out to the stage to heat from the crowd. He says he has an answer for him, but he doesn’t think it’s one he wants to hear. He’s been issued lots of challenges. “You suck” chants. Last night Jeff Hardy just wanted to break through, but the same thing happened to him. He’s beaten all his challengers.
Yes, Cena says, he’s beaten them all. And Orton’s done the thing no one else has done, he put Cena out of commission. He saw a good opportunity and took it, that’s why he’s going to take this match tonight. Cena shows his scar and say Orton knows in four months that Cena’s not healed. Even though Orton doesn’t want to face Cena, because he’s never beaten him, but he needs every advantage he can get. What’s he going to do, wait 8 weeks for Cena to heal up so he can beat Orton’s ass? Would Orton like to do that? “Cena” chants.
Orton says that since he put Cena on the shelf, he’s become a very, very big deal. A bigger deal than Cena’s ever been. That’s why he’ll never defend the title unless these people open their wallets and pay to see it. That means he won’t be facing Cena tonight. But since Cena can’t wait for WM and Cena’s a hot head who isn’t healed, but he will do it at the next PPV. Unless Cena wants to wait for WM.
Cena says Orton’s on, he’s not waiting for WM. But what about tonight? Cena hasn’t forgotten about what Orton did to him. He didn’t forget it’s Orton’s fault he took the one thing that means anything to him. It’s been four months since he’s been in the ring and he wants some. So tonight he will get some.

– Commercial

Ashley comes out in a black miniskirt, a black and white bikini type top and a black mesh shrug. Mickie comes out in a pink and purple version of her normal ring attire. Jillian comes out in black pants and black corset. Beth comes out in a purple shorts jumper with cut out sides that looks like her normal ring dresses.
Mickie is staring through Beth, but Jillian starts. Arm bar on Mickie. Jillian goes for a monkey flip but Mickie cartwheels out. Mickie gains control and gets two, but then Jillian gains control and tags out. Beth beats Mickie down hard and slams her into the ring post. Side slam to Mickie. Jillian tags in and hits a handspring elbow for two. Mickie gets whipped but then comes back with head scissors. Jillian tags out quickly. Mickie rolls Beth up for two. Mickie takes Beth down for two. Jillian comes in and they double team Mickie. Fisherman suplex on Mickie and Beth covers for three. Ashley never even tagged in.

– Winners: Beth & Jillian

Video recap of the end of the match. Beth mocks Mickie as she backs up the ramp.

Out back Vince is sitting with Regal. Vince is mad about Cena winning last night. Regal brings up a match he spoke about a while back. Vince says the winner of ‘that match’ will face the winner of the Cena and Orton match at WM. Vince tells Regal to go make the match.

– Commercial

Short promo for Austin.

Regal’s music and he comes out to the stage. He says whoever is the WWE Champion after NWO. He says 6 contestants will compete for a championship match inside this… Video of old elimination chamber matches. Regal explains how the elimination chamber works, but stumbles over his words a lot. In the match will be Umaga, HBK, Y2J, JBL (huge heat), Jeff Hardy (huge pop) and HHH. Regal wishes them luck and may God have mercy on their souls.

The new announce is outside the barrier, in front of the fans. He talks about the elimination chamber. He then talks about other matches scheduled for tonight (he wasn’t bad, but a bit stiff).

– Commercial

Slam Of The Week – Ashley saying Playboy wants Maria. Santino says no, but Maria asks the fans. Santino pulls a cloth off Big Dick and he started dancing with a Patriots insignia on his chest. He hands Ashley rubber chickens – she hits him with them.

Carlito comes to the ring with Santino and Maria. Cody comes out with Hardcore Holly.
Carlito kicks Cody and slams him into a corner. Cody fights back with an arm bar. Carlito works his way to his feet and back Cody into a corner. Punches to Cody and then a chop. Cody comes back with a chop. Cody gets whipped but moves so Carlito slams his face in the top. Another arm bar on Carlito. Carlito gets out and shakes his arm. Another arm hold on Carlito. Carlito beats Cody into a corner but Cody comes back and flips Carlito over the top rope to the apron. Cody knocks Carlito the floor. Cody follows him out, throws some punches and tosses Carlito back in the ring. Cody gets distracted when Santino gets on the apron and Carlito hits his back stabber for three.

– Winner: Carlito

HHH is out back with HBK. He says last night didn’t work out the way they’d planned. But they have a way to get back in, but it’s by beating the hell out of each other in a most demonic of structures. HHH says he needs a tag team partner for tonight. HBK says that would require a wardrobe change. HHH unzips his training jacket and has on a DX shirt. He puts on a DX hat. HBK says he’ll be right back. He bounces out of the screen and quickly bounces back in wearing DX gear. He says the ShopZone guys deliver fast and he’s ready. The fans cheer.

– Commercial

Video of Candice taping another GoDaddy commercial for the Superbowl.

DX’s music and they come out to huge pop. HBK is dancing around with a green glowstick in each hand. HHH has two in one hand and kind of shakes them a bit. They crotch chop in the ring to in-ring pyro. HBK is running around HHH like a goon before handing off the mic. HHH show the back of HBK’s shirt. He says they’re banned, but they say anytime, anyplace, anywhere. HBK doesn’t seem to know where the hard camera is and HHH has to tell him and hold him in the right spot. HHH asks if the fans are ready. He goes on to do his schpeal, comments on someone in the RR committed gimmick infringement, deliberately ripped them off, for you Michael Buffer, they have two words for us… Suck It! Umaga comes down to the ring. Snitsky comes down to join him. Umaga waits and they enter the ring together.
Rock/paper/scissors and HHH starts with Snitsky. They barely lock up and HHH lets go to get a mic. He asks for a tooth brush, tic/tac or mints. Snitsky gets pissed, but the fans love it. “Brush your teeth” chants. HHH gets tossed into a corner. HHH gets whipped to the opposite corner but comes out with a clothesline. HBK tags in and comes off the corner onto Snitsky’s arm that HHH holds out. HHH tags back in and keeps working on that left arm. HBK tags back in and chops Snitsky. HBK takes Snitsky down then nips up. Umaga rushes over and sends HBK flying form the ring with a high kick as HBK climbed. Snitsky tosses HBK back in the ring and locks on the bear hug. HBK gets out and chops, but a punches sends HBK to the mat. HBK gets stomped in the heel corner. The ref backs Snitsky off but Umaga attacks from outside. Snitsky chokes HBK in the heel corner with his foot.
Umaga tags in and hits a snap mare. A bear hug from behind. HBK tries to elbow out, but ends up getting turned around in Umaga’s arms. “HBK” chants.

– Commercial

HBK is hanging up-side-down in a corner. A flying head butt to HBK from Umaga. HBK falls to the mat. Umaga covers for two. Umaga gets HBK to his feet and hits another head butt. Snitsky tags in and gets HBK in another bear hug. “HBK” chants. HBK punches out and tries to dive to HHH over Snitsky’s shoulder, but Snitsky grabs him as he’s inches away from The Game. Snitsky puts HBK down in a corner. Umaga tags in and goes for a bum slam, but HBK moves. HBK again tries to dive over Umaga’s shoulder to get to HHH, but can’t. Umaga spins HBK around but HBK manages a big DDT.
HBK is able to tag out. Umaga comes in and HHH takes them both down. A face buster on Snitsky but Umaga hits a Samoan drop on HHH. HBK enters and tries for sweet chin music. Umaga ducks and leave the ring. HBK flies out over the top onto him. A spinebuster to Snitsky from HHH. HHH hits a pedigree and covers Snitsky for three.

– Winners: DX

Video replay of the end of the match. HHH and HBK pose in corners for the fans who go wild for them. They then do their original DX pose in the center of the ring.

Orton is out back with JBL. JBL says tonight history will be made when they tag together tonight. Then at WM Orton will defend his title against JBL. That is if Orton can beat Cena. Orton says that JBL needs to win in the elimination chamber. Orton hopes JBL wins in the EC, because he knows he can beat him. JBL threatens him. JBL then says they need to deal with tonight first. Orton says if Cena shows up tonight during their match… JBL says they will both take care of Cena if he shows up.

– Commercial

Grisham is out back with Jeff Hardy. He says Hardy was so close last night. Jeff says Grisham is right, but he’s at a crossroads right now. He can roll over or go on to win the EC and go to WM.

Vince is out back looking pissed. Hornswoggle is next to him with his head hung low. Vince says he let him down last night. Horney wanted to be in the RR. Everyone wondered what would happen, but he didn’t come back like a McMahon. He didn’t come back a winner, he came back like a loser. Vince says he’s ashamed of him and tells him to get out of his sight.

– Commercial

WWE Rewind – MVP against Flair last night at the RR. MVP thinks he won, but Flair had his foot on the ropes. Flair gets the figure four on and MVP taps out.

Kennedy comes down to the ring. Brian Kendrick comes out to face him.
Brian bitch slaps Kennedy. Kennedy immediately attacks Brian and beats him down. Kennedy stomps Brian in a corner and then Brian gets tossed from the ring. Kennedy follows him out. Brain gets slammed arm first to the side of the ring. Back in the ring Kennedy works on that left arm. An arm hold on the mat in the center of the ring. A drop kick to Kennedy. Brain climbs and tries for another dropkick but Kennedy slaps his feet away. A mic check and Kennedy covers for three.

– Winner: Kennedy

Video of the end of the match. Kennedy’s mic comes down. Kennedy says he went to Regal and asked not to be in the EC. Not because he doesn’t want to be the champion, because he does, but he wants something more notorious. He wants to end Flair’s career. He knows we’re sick of seeing the same old tricks. He’s going to do what people do to animals when they have no more value. He tells Flair he’s going to put him down. He’s going to waste Flair. The mic goes up and the lights come back on but suddenly – Woooo! Kennedy face drops.
Flair comes out to the stage. He says he has two things to say to him – good luck and Woooooo! Flair then struts around on the stage a bit for the fans.

– Commercial

Melina comes out to the ring in a blue and gold version of her two piece ring outfit. Maria comes out in brown pants and a gold halter. Santino is by her side.
Melina takes down Maria and lock in a leg. Maria reverses the old. Melina gets whipped and Maria slams her back into her hard. Melina drops and Maria hits a bronco buster. Melina gains control and hits a forearm to Maria’s back as she’s on her knees in a corner. A neck breaker to Maria. Melina punches her in the face. Maria comes back with bad head scissors. Maria hits a belly buster for two. Melina gets whipped but moves out of Maria’s way. Melina tries to flip Maria down but Maria holds onto the corner. Melina pulls down Maria’s pants. Maria, with the back of her panties hanging out, drops down with her crotch in Melina’s face, hooks her legs and pins her for three.

– Winner: Maria

Santino see that Maria’s tushy is hanging out and rushes the ring. He takes off his jacket quickly and ties it around her waist covering her bum. Santino damns the Japanese for their HD technology. He says even JR has erected a monument in his trousers. It may be a small monument, but a monument none the less. He feels like taking the liberty bell, flipping it over and puking in it. he says we will never see his Maria in the Playboy. Video of Maria’s pants being pulled down.

Grisham is out back with Y2J. He says we saw a new Y2J last night. Y2J says everyone knows the entertaining Y2J. He runs through his call phrases and says we all know that side of him. But when he was cut open and bleeding so bad he couldn’t see, then he hung JBL with the same cord he hung him with, a new Y2J came out. He wants to get to know this Y2J better. When it comes to Orlando JBL will be going to Disney and Y2J will be going to WM.

– Commercial

The new announcer is now talking about how Cena will face Orton at NWO. So who will face the champion at WM? Whoever wins the EC match.

Jeff Hardy comes out to the ring, not dancing like normal, more like limping. Y2J comes out to join him. JBL comes out in his limo. Orton comes out to join him. Both of them get a lot of heat. JBL and Orton slowly enter the ring together. Lots of stare downs in the ring.
Orton and Y2J start out. They lock up and back off. They lock up again and Y2J gets a side head lock on Orton. Orton pushes Y2J off but Y2J comes back with chops. Orton takes an elbow on the jaw and goes down. Y2J wants Y2J. Orton gets his face bounced off a corner. Y2J takes Orton down and JBL rushes in. Y2J and JBL fight to the outside and Jeff climbs. Jeff hits a swanton and covers Orton. JBL pulls Orton from under Jeff and out of the ring.

– Commercial

Orton stomps Jeff in the center of the ring. Jeff ducks a clothesline and hits a flying forearm for two. JBL tags in and stomps Jeff. Punches to Jeff’s face. A shoulder block drops Jeff. A mule kick to JBL and he’s down. Jeff’s running the ropes and JBL distracts the ref while Orton knees Jeff from the apron. Jeff turns around and eats JBL’s boot. Orton tags in and works Jeff over more. Orton covers for two. An arm hold on Jeff in the center of the ring. Jeff is trying to get to Y2J. Orton uses Jeff’s hair during a drop toe hold to take Jeff down. JBL tags in and punches Jeff down in the heel corner. Y2J tries to come in but the ref stops him. Orton tags in and JBL makes a cheap shot on his way out. A lariat take down by Jeff and both are down.
Both tag out. Y2J takes JBL down a couple times. Y2J goes for the wall but Orton grabs him from the apron. A spring board kick to Orton. Y2J keeps attacking JBL. A spring board lionsault and Y2J covers. Orton breaks the count. Jeff rushes in and Orton catapults him from the ring. Jeff is down outside and the ref is checking on him. Y2J gets the walls on JBL but Orton rushes in and hits and RKO. JBL covers Y2J for three.

– Winners: JBL & Orton

Cena’s music plays. Orton and JBL wait for him in the ring. Cena comes walking out with a grin on his face. He takes his shirt off on the apron. JBL slaps Orton on the back and rolls from the ring. Cena enters the ring and they fight. Cena hits an FU on Orton and leaves him laying in a heap. Cena grins down at Orton.

Biggest pop
Jeff Hardy

Biggest heat

Biggest mix

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