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WWE head writer Jay Gibson was fired by Vince McMahon over the past few days, according to a report at It’s unclear whether he was let go on Friday or over the weekend, but last night’s RAW was the first WWE television show written without Gibson’s input.

RAW appeared to feature a lot more input from Vince McMahon than usual, including his unique brand of humor that included spiked coffee and the ‘payoff’ of Stephanie vomiting all over Vickie Guerrero.

Vince McMahon is spearheading WWE’s effort to reduce payroll costs to offset the recent financial damage done as a result of the WWE Network and the disappointing TV rights fees deal with NBC Universal.

According to, WWE is looking to cut $20 million from their budget this year. Aside from WWE releasing 11 people last week, firing their head writer and cutting NXT’s budget, WWE is taking other measures to reduce production costs.

For example, elements of Fandango’s entrance and Bad News Barrett’s scissor lift are no longer being used. The truck WWE used to transport those entrances is no longer being used, which will result in the company saving upwards of $250,000 per year.

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