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Ric Flair is responsive and his condition has taken a turn for the better.

Agent Melinda Morris Zanoni reported that Flair cut a promo on a nurse yesterday and said that it was a good sign.

She wrote, “Happy to report Ric Flair is awake, communicating and progressing, but there are complications so needs rest for the first time in 40 years.”

She also noted, “On behalf of Ric Flair, thank you for the outpouring of prayers and well wishes (although the offers for a kidney seemed a little excessive.”

She also wrote: “The man outlived a plane crash and being struck by lightning.  He is a survivor.  Grateful for all the love and respect sent Ric Flair’s way.”

Flair has been in the hospital since last week after suffering from severe abdominal pain.  Following surgery, he was placed in a medically induced coma in order to rest. He was also put on kidney dialysis following organ problems.

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