Roman Reigns Calls Miz a ‘Workhorse’, Rollins a ‘Brother’, Cena ‘The Babe’, Balor ‘Deserving’, Elias a ‘Wrestler’s Dream’

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Ahead of this weekend’s WWE Elimination Chamber PPV, Roman Reigns spoke with ESPN and discussed the six men he will face in the Elimination Chamber match Sunday night. Below are some interview highlights:

On The Miz:

“He’s an underrated workhorse. I’m extremely proud of the job that he does representing the company. The crossover reach that he has, and his ability to maintain the relationship he has with MTV [is great]. I think he’s very underrated for the amount of work that he does and I’m grateful to have him in our locker room.

On Finn Balor:

“The cool thing about Finn, and a lot of the guys we have, but especially his story and just his background and the time he spent in Japan and the whole Bullet Club scene and everything, I would just say he’s an extremely deserving competitor, and he’s in the right spot. He’s in the right light. I’m extremely happy with his progression as a character, and as long as he can keep Finn Balor doing what he’s doing, the Demon is always going to be really cool. He’s definitely a journeyman, but I’m happy he’s continually escalating and evolving throughout this career.”


“He’s an entertainer, and a growing one. He’s like a wrestler’s dream, because you can send him out there and let him sing and play the guitar and make fun of the town and stuff like that. And he does a pretty good job at being cool, but still getting some heat. I’m looking forward to see him progress. He’s definitely going to be a jack of all trades.”

John Cena:

“He’s like ‘The Babe.’ I don’t think there’s ever going to be anybody like Cena ever again. That’s why when people compare myself to him now, I like to just think that it’s a compliment. To be able to have the longevity — that’s the word for Cena — longevity. It goes to speak to his worth ethic and his passion, but I just don’t think it’s going to be able to be done again. He’s one of one. There will never be a guy who can hold up and be that durable because he competed 15-plus years on an elite level. I’ve been doing it a few years now, and I can already feel the tolls, so there’s a lot of respect that has to go his way because to do it at the top for that long is unprecedented.

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