Rumors Of WWE Superstars Wanting To Leave Reportedly “Overblown”

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With the rumored departures of WWE Superstars such as Neville and Nia Jax from the company, reports have begun to surface suggesting that several other Superstars are considering leaving as well. One report suggested that a number of Superstars went as far as asking Cody Rhodes for advice on leaving the company, as he departed last year and has seen a tremendous amount of success ever since.
Dave Meltzer recently addressed this on a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, and claimed that these reports are way overblown:

“The speculation and rumors going around about a mass exodus are way overblown.”

He did not that there are some Superstars who are planning on exploring other options when their contracts run out, but that number is only a few. Meltzer threw in that unless you are young and single, many Superstars won’t take the chance of departing for the indies.

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