Rush Reportedly Forced To Turn Down Major MLW Offer Due To Political Pressure From CMLL/NJPW

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A new report featured in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter has shed light on a seemingly frustrated statement made by MLW CEO Court Bauer, who claimed that lucha libre sensation Rush wanted to remain a part of the promotion, and that “politics” were responsible for keeping him out of the 4/4 WrestleMania week main event against L.A. Park.

According to the Observer, MLW in conjunction with their television broadcast partner BeIN Sports had put together what, on the surface, looked like an incredible deal for both Rush and his family. The deal was not exclusive and would have also seen MLW book his brothers, Dragon Lee and Mistico II, as well as working on U.S. citizenship for his wife and children.

Apparently the contract would have also seen Rush work with BeIN Sports as an analyst during their Spanish-language coverage of soccer games, to give him experience working in broadcasting. He was also offered the MLW World Heavyweight Championship.

The reason it all fell apart is that the 30-year-old lucha star is still under contract with CMLL as part of a five-year contract that expires in 2020, which gives owner Paco Alonso the final say decision on any other contracts Rush is considering. Due to CMLL’s strong relationships with New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Ring of Honor, Alonso was essentially pressured into shutting out MLW.

There was also an attempt by Court Bauer to have Rush stay on with them to work the 4/4 main event and play off the story they had already set in place, especially given that the angle they set up has already aired on television, but obviously that isn’t happening now.

Rush’s contract with Ring of Honor is for one year only, and locks him down exclusively in the U.S. and Canada. He will continue to work for CMLL and will likely continue to be a staple of their Friday night shows in Arena Mexico.

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