Sasha Banks On Making History In Abu Dhabi, How Triple H Reacted to the Match, Women’s Rumble Breaking Barriers

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WWE Raw star Sasha Banks recently penned a new blog for ESPN, and below are some blog excerpts.

On making WWE history in Abu Dhabi when she wrestled Alexa Bliss:

It was two weeks before we left for Abu Dhabi when I found out that Alexa Blissand I would have the potential to compete in WWE’s first women’s match in the Middle East. We were told that it could either happen, or it might not. They weren’t too sure about what the perception, or the reception, would be, but they wanted us to get ready.

In the days leading up to that trip, there was only one word that could describe my state of mind … NERVOUS! I tried everything I could to prepare.

Due to the cultural differences, I knew we would need special gear made for the event, so I asked my husband, who makes all of my gear, to make the best-looking one piece he possibly could. I wanted it to stand out. I wanted it to be purple. I wanted it to be amazing.

With a week’s notice, he put out an amazing costume, like he always does.

Everything was going great up to this point. We were about to start the match, but before the bell could even ring, the chants began. The fans were chanting “women’s wrestling.” They were chanting for me and they were even chanting “biscuit butt,” which of course was Mickie James’ favorite nickname for Alexa. I’ve heard those same chants all over the world, but on this night, they just seemed so much more potent. As we got more and more into the match, the crowd started chanting something I’d never heard before — “This is hope.” That was the moment that everything became surreal. It was so hard to carry on with the match, while trying not to cry.

When we finished the match, and walked to the back, I was finally able to let it all go. I legit started bawling. The producer, Adam Pearce, came up to us and said, “That was so cool. That was so special.” And he gave Alexa and I two big hugs. Triple H was there to see our match as well. He has been with us since NXT, so it meant a lot when he told us how incredibly huge that match was, not just for those in WWE, but having a moment in this women’s evolution that carries beyond the ring. I live for every opportunity that I can serve as a role model and as an inspiration to show women that their dreams are endless.

On the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble match:

Fast forward two weeks, it was Dec. 18 on Monday Night Raw, and the Royal Rumble is inching closer and closer. There was a buzz in the air. Royal Rumble is the kickoff to the road to WrestleMania, and determines who’s going to get the next opportunity — who’s going could be next in line for the championship.

When we walked out to the ring that night at the end of Raw, we weren’t told what Stephanie McMahon would be saying — all we were told was that it was going to be something special. We had to pay attention to her words and to let our true emotions show. I kind of figured what the announcement was going to be, but I couldn’t wait to hear that phrase; I had to hear it. And when she announced that there was going to be the first women’s Royal Rumble match … CHILLS!

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