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Preview: Friday Fatal Four Way
September 12, 2008

WWE Champion Triple H came away from Unforgiven as the only reigning champion to successfully defend his title in his Championship Scramble Match. But, there will be no rest for the champion, as he’s already slated to defend his gold at No Mercy.

To determine The Game’s opponent on Oct. 5, all four of his challengers from Unforgiven will compete in a Fatal Four Way Match on SmackDown. Jeff Hardy, United States Champion Shelton Benjamin, Montel Vontavious Porter and The Brian Kendrick will all vie for a second chance to face The King of Kings. But unlike their Championship Scramble encounter at Unforgiven, it will be a one-one-one encounter with The Cerebral Assassin at No Mercy.

And, just as it looked as if Undertaker was destined to take General Manager Vickie Guerrero’s soul and send her to hell, Big Show surprised the WWE Universe by attacking The Phenom, allowing Guerrero to spit in his face. What was Big Show’s motive in assisting Guerrero? How will Undertaker react this week on SmackDown?

Following an explosive Unforgiven, how will SmackDown’s Superstars prepare for No Mercy? Don’t miss SmackDown, Friday night at 8/7 CT on the CW Network.

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