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What’s going to happen to that towering nude Damien Hirst sculpture now that the KAOS club at Palms Casino Resort has shut? The 60-foot-tall headless “Demon With Bowl” (2014) will continue to reign over the pool area at the Las Vegas resort, even though the splashy KAOS has vanished.

Parent company Red Rock Resorts Inc. pulled the plug on the club Tuesday. Senior Vice President Michael Britt said in a statement that although there was “exceptional growth” in other parts of the resort’s business, “the expense side of the business has been challenging to date, due in large part to the entertainment and fixed cost structure associated with KAOS.”

The statement also said the former club space will be available for private meetings and special events while the resort rethinks programming at the venue. And the domed, climate-controlled pool area with the Hirst statue will remain open to guests this winter.

KAOS opened in April, with promises of A-list performers such as Cardi B and Skrillex, and a vibrant day-to-night club scene. It was a big part of a $690 million redo of the Palms, with a 73,000-square-foot day club and 29,000-square foot nightclub that included a rotating DJ booth and entertainment stage. The resort also had created two main pools as well as small ones to complete the transformation.

Around the same time, Palms rolled out one of the most expensive suite stays in Las Vegas, the $200,000-a-night Empathy Suite, designed by Hirst with many of his fine artworks on display.

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