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Alex Hernandez called in the following spoilers for this Thursday’s Impact from Orlando, Florida:

– Sonjay Dutt defeated Michael Judas in a dark match

Thursday’s iMPACT! Will Feature:

– iMPACT! opens with TNA champion Samoa Joe dedicating his title win and reign to the fans. Scott Steiner comes out and awards Petey Williams his X-Division title shot, then starts ripping on Joe about Sacrifice. Kurt Angle comes out and announces that he is going to use his rematch clause on next week’s Impact.

– In a backstage segment, Rhino and Christian Cage arrive at the Impact Zone. Team 3D show up and try to plant the seed in Rhino’s head that he can’t trust Cage. It ends up with Team 3D, James Storm and Robert Roode all attacking them and laying them out.

– TNA X-Division champion Jay Lethal pinned Johnny Devine. Petey Williams attacked Lethal and nailed a tornado DDT onto the title shot briefcase. Williams opened the briefcase and slammed Lethal’s head inside it. He announces he is taking his title shot now, nails the Canadian Destroyer and pins Lethal for the belt. New X-Division champion.

– Matt Morgan comes to the ring and cuts a promo on the sacrifices he made for Jim Cornette, only to be dismissed as part of TNA management. Morgan promised to be a “Blueprint” (his OVW nickname) for giants in professional wrestling.

– Kaz and Super Eric capture the TNA Tag Team championships, defeated AJ Styles & Tomko and LAX in a Three-Way bout.

*Backstage, AJ Style protested to Jim Cornette that Super Eric and Eric Young are two different people (as they were supposed to defend against Eric Young, NOT Super Eric…does anyone else have a Midnight Rider sized headache, yet?). AJ demands Cornette ask Young if he knows Super Eric and if he doesn’t, then they deserve the titles back. Cornette agrees just to get them out of the office.

– Rhino and Christian defeated Team 3D. Rhino accidentally gored Cage but then Devon accidentally clotheslined Ray and Rhino scored the pin. Afterwards, 3D got into it with each other and security separated them.

– Jim Cornette, AJ Styles and Tomko come to the ring to resolve the Tag Team championship issue. Kaz and Super Eric come out and Super Eric acts as if he doesn’t know who Eric Young is. Jim Cornette strips them of the tag titles, but won’t give the belts back to Styles and Tomko. He says he will make an official decision next week.

– TNA Knockout champ Awesome Kong defeated Roxxi.

– Booker T & Sting & BG James defeated Robert Roode & James Storm & Kip James after Matt Morgan interfered. Booker gets upset Morgan got involved and has words with him and Sting.


– Motor City Machineguns defeated Rellik & Black Reign.

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