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— “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s ex-wife Jeanie Clark and his daughters from England have been flown into Texas for his induction into the Hall of Fame later tonight. Clark divorced from Austin in 1999 prior to WrestleMania XV, but the two remain on amicable terms.

Austin can attribute some his success to his ex-wife as she unintentionally coined the term “Stone Cold” while they were having dinner one day in 1996. Austin had yet to drink a cup of tea and Clark advised him to drink it before it got “stone cold.” Right then and there, Clark and Austin thought “Stone Cold” would be the perfect nickname for him in WWE. At the time, both Vince McMahon and Austin were trying to brainstorm a new ring name for him as “The Ringmaster” wasn’t working out. He was offered a list of many temperature-based names, such as ‘Ice Dagger’ and ‘Chilly McFreeze’, none of which impressed Austin.

— Next month on WWE 24/7 Classics on Demand, they will honor the Latino Legends of wrestling. Here is the official preview:

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In “The Big Ones”, see Eddie squares off with Rey Mysterio at WCW World War 3 and WWE Judgment Day ’05.

In “TV Classics”, watch the final Monday Night War of 1997 featuring Hollywood Hogan battling Sting for the WCW World Championship on Nitro, while WWE counters with Shawn Michaels defending the WWE Championship against Owen Hart on RAW.

Plus, don’t miss high-flying action with thrilling matches starring the Masked Marvels of Lucha Libre in “Shorties.”

— Following Thursday’s night’s WrestleMania Axxess, a person was handing out flyers saying The Honky Tonk Man was holding a “private signing” in a hotel room at the Hyatt Regency (the WWE Travel Package hotel). The former WWE Intercontinental Champion was charging $20 for an autograph, $20 for a posed photo and $30 for an autograph and posed photo. According to some who attended the signing, it was said to be positive as The Honky Tonk Man was described as friendly with everyone who attended.

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