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Some early market ratings are available at this point for the debut of AEW Dynamite last night on TNT.

At this point there are no ratings available for NXT on the USA Network.

It’s very tricky because these are only a few specific markets and don’t include either New York or Los Angeles. But if we compare with the preview show, these ratings would indicate 1.5 million to 1.7 million viewers for the live airing and 650,000 for the taped show. I believe the actual number for the live show may be lower because these numbers are skewed by a freaky large number in Charlotte.

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These are the household ratings for the show in different markets:

Live show —

Chicago: 1.0
Dallas: 0.9
Washington, DC: 0.7
Houston: 0.9
Atlanta: 1.0
Detroit: 1.4
Minneapolis: 0.8
Charlotte: 2.0

Replay show —

Chicago: 0.6
Dallas: 0.1
Washington, DC: 0.2
Houston: 0.4
Atlanta: 0.2
Detroit: 0.8
Minneapolis: 0.2
Charlotte: 0.8

For comparisons in these markets, these were the percentage differences in viewing from Tuesday’s show that did 631,000 viewers.

Chicago up 233 percent
Dallas up 200 percent
Washington, DC up 75 percent
Houston up 125 percent
Atlanta up 11 percent
Detroit up 133 percent
Minneapolis up 300 percent
Charlotte up 82 percent

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